A Fiduciary?

There are many different fiduciary responsibilities associated with a company retirement plan.  Depending on your needs, we can fill any one (or all) of the responsibilities outlined below:

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Additional Services

  • Selecting, monitoring, and negotiating fees with other service providers of the plan
  • Working with the payroll department to ensure the proper compensation is being used and that all deposits are made timely
  • Ensuring timely distribution of all participant notices such as SPD’s, SAR’s, QDIA notices, etc.
  • Documenting who the plan Fiduciaries are and ensuring they understand their responsibilities
  • Calculating the fees paid for the plan and ensuring they are reasonable
  • Signing and submitting the 5500
  • 402(a) Named Fiduciary – we are legally responsible for everything else not outsourced to another Fiduciary
  • Committee Facilitator – we will create agendas, facilitate meetings, and take the proper minutes in a non-fiduciary role.
  • Committee Member – we will serve as a voting member of the Committee in a Fiduciary role.